Jetlev-Flyer Jetlev-Flyer



Stop dreaming, Start flying!
With the Jetlev-Flyer your dreams of flying around can come true!

Jetlev-Flyer is the first brand to specialise only in making the best water propelled jetpack.
Either with your own Jetski or one of the specialised machines from Jetlev-Flyer,
you will be able to fly around all by yourself up to 15m high or even up to 70km/h!


Alle modellen

Jetlev-Flyer JF-220 This innovative musclecraft, equipped with a supercharged engine, is your easiest access to flying thrills.

Jetlev-Flyer JF-300 Our top of the line model will exceed all your expectations, if you are looking for the real racing spirit.