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Gemotoriseerd surfboard; surfen met jetmotor

It’s the most powerful engine of its kind designed by man. Hand-crafted with ultra-light carbon and kevlar. The lowest emissions for a barely-there carbon-footprint. Meticulously designed to fit in your luggage.

Born from a need to push the limits of conventional watersports, Jetsurf is devoted to the development and design of the best motorised surfboards in the world. While lacking a coast, the Czech Republic offers highly qualified, technical expertise in hydro - mechanical engineering and no shortage of enthusiastic riders who have aided in the astounding success of this small firm.
From humble beginnings in a tiny workshop, Jetsurf is now the world leader in producing the fastest, lightest and most dynamic craft for this unique and fast - growing sport.
Now proudly employing a full - time team of engineers, mechanics and support staff, Jetsurf maintains a constant regime of quality control, testing and enhancements to keep well ahead of the curve.

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Brochure Electric 2020 (NEW)

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The JETSURF Sport is the board that everyone can enjoy. Its characteristics perfectly suit families and rentals.

Fast turning, low emission impact, and easy maintenance; the new JETSRUF RACE DFi 2020 is one to have!

The first-ever JetSurf full electric board combines JetSurf’s top-class manoeuvrability with environmental benefits.