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Gocycle GX

Prijs € 3.199,00


The GX - The fast folder

Designed to be folded in less than 10 seconds,
the all new GX is the perfect ebike for urban commuting.


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Gocycle E-Bike GX


Prijs€ 3.199,00
Gewicht18 kg.


The Pitstopwheel

The GX features Gocycle’s world speed record holding PitstopWheels. Six bolts fasten the wheels to the hubs like a car for a faster fold than the GS and G3 models. The side mounted design not only looks great but provides easy access for fixing a flat tire without removing the wheel!


Fastest wheel in the world

On September 2013 in Battle Mountain, Nevada, Gocycle’s pitstopwheel became the fastest bicycle wheel in the world when the VeloX reached a top speed of 133.78km/h (83.6 mph) setting a new world speed record for human-powered vehicles.


The Cockpit

The 2019 GX comes with ergonomic and comfortable grips mated to a 3 speed mechanical twist shifter. Cables are elegantly routed through the frame connecting to the durable Shimano Nexus gearing.



This multi-speed chain transmission system is characterized by a design that is designed to protect the cyclist's clothing against the lubricated parts. It is available in a wide range of colors (red, blue, pink, blue and black), matching a gray or white front frame.


Vgonomic™ design

The location of the Gocycle points of contact faithfully reflects those of other bicycles with a large wheel, but offers more setting options for more types of cyclists. The Vgonomic ™ design that characterizes the seat post and the geometry of the frame, along with the adjustable handlebars in height and distance, provides a wide adaptability and more comfort for different body types.


Incredibly light

With a weight of only 18 kg (including standard and folding pedals), the Gocycle GX is one of the lightest electric bikes in the world!


ShockLock ™

Practical and easy to use, ShockLock ™ is the locking cable that comes with every Gocycle GX, for immediate use of the bicycle immediately after purchase.


Standard suspension

The Gocycle buck is made of durable and durable aluminum and has a two-legged design that safely supports your Gocycle. The spring structure with double piston and the double bearing support let the standard close in a very practical way. The standard comes with Gocycle GX.


Smartphone app

Gocycle GX is associated with the free application GocycleConnect ™ that allows you to adjust the ride, edit the settings for speed and power and get useful data such as the number of calories burned, power, travel information and much more ...


With a view to the planet

The frame and wheels of Gocycle GX, characterized by an ultra-light, advanced and durable structure, are made from environmentally friendly magnesium. This is the very first bike that needs to be equipped with die-cast magnesium frame and wheels. The special production process used is known as Thixomolding® and does not produce SF6 emissions (which reduce the ozone layer), but offers the cyclist the same benefits in terms of weight and structure of the carbon fiber. Magnesium is a material that is widely available and easily recyclable.


Exchange stuur tas

Waarschijnlijk een van de meest bruikbare Gocycle-accessoires ooit! Onze prachtige stuurtas is een op maat gemaakt accessoire dat eenvoudig te bevestigen en te verwijderen is; het is ook extreem veelzijdig, perfect voor het vervoeren van boodschappen of werkaccessoires.



Met het draagbare dockingstation wordt het onderhouden van de Gocycle nog praktischer. Modern, geprofileerd platformontwerp voor intuïtieve fietsenstalling. Stabiele vierwielbasis voor gemakkelijk transport. Duurzame beschermhoes met ritssluiting.


Spatborden  en lichten

Hoogwaardige achterlichten en voor- en achterspatborden vervaardigd in Duitsland zijn beschikbaar. De lampen worden gevoed door de hoofdaccu van Gocycle en het snelsluitontwerp vergemakkelijkt de installatie op de Gocycle GX.


Holster vergrendelen

Dit beveiligde Silver Secure-slot biedt extra bescherming voor uw Gocycle. Het kan gemakkelijk worden opgeslagen aan de zijkant van het frame voor snel en eenvoudig gebruik wanneer dat nodig is.


Bagagedrager achteraan

De 2018-versie van het achterrek is speciaal ontworpen voor uw Gocycle. Dit accessoire is perfect voor het transport van je favoriete tas en is gemakkelijk te verwijderen, zodat je het alleen kunt monteren wanneer je het nodig hebt.


Alles inbegrepen

Maak van uw Gocycle GX de ideale elektrische fiets voor dagelijks gebruik door de complete set Gocycle-accessoires te monteren: verlichting, spatborden, Lock Holster en bagagerek achteraan!


The Frame & Battery

The powerful lithium ion battery (300 Wh) is easily accessible and hidden within the all new hydroformed aluminium frame providing a range up to 40 miles (65 km) with a 7 hour charge time.