JetSurf Adventure DFI

Taking a long distance JETSURF trip has never been easier. Make it a superb adventure with the JETSURF ADVENTURE DFI, which introduces a couple of brand-new features. A higher level of independence will be secured by a specially-designed rack in the front part of the board. Additional equipment to make your journey more enjoyable can be carried in a specially designed duffel, or you can just put additional fuel onboard and enjoy cruising time of up to 3 hours. The 2020 JETSURF ADVENTURE is equipped with a DFI low e...
SoortMotorised Surfboard
TypeAdventure DFI
Prijs€ 12.085,00
Lengte over alles1,8 m.
Breedte over alles0,60 m.
Gewicht20 kg.
Tank2,8 l.