JetSurf Motorized Sufboard Race JetSurf Motorized Sufboard Race JetSurf Motorized Sufboard Race JetSurf Motorized Sufboard Race JetSurf Motorized Sufboard Race JetSurf Motorized Sufboard Race



Motorized Sufboard

JetSurf Race

vanaf € 14.199,00




This model is suitable for advanced JetSurf riders

If you do not have racing ambitions but still want to experience the feeling of real racing boards then the Race model is the right choice. It will enable you to make really sharp turns reminiscent of riding a motorcycle and to master even the steepest waves. JetSurf Race board will secure a great Jetsurfing experience in any conditions you might get to.

The great performance and a new hull open up new possibilities of Jetsurfing. The Race model is a great choice for everyone who is looking for a compromise between a universal Factory GP and a professional Titanium board. 


JetSurf Motorized Sufboard Race


SoortMotorized Sufboard
Prijs€ 14.199,00
Lengte over alles1,8 m.
Breedte over alles0,60 m.
Gewicht19 kg.
Tank2,8 l.



lighter, more efficient, more reliable on salt water

Provides higher torque, 90 % effectiveness, overload protection. Can detect water in the engine and does not start, which increases the starter lifetime.

 Increased batteries capacity, pack with integrated intelligent electronics. Under/over voltage protection. Shortcut protection, basic data logger, simplified fixing.

Increases holders lifetime even in high performance conditions.

New fixing, simplified for engine removing before traveling.

Simplified fuel tank removing. Allows rider to tank out of the beach without moving the board.


Type 2 stroke engine MSR 50.2 HXT
Displacement 90 cc
Cooling Water cooled open loop
Fuel type Unleaded 95 octane or higher + full synthetic 2 stroke racing oil
fuel / oil mix ratio 1:50 standard)
Top speed 58 km/h   /   36 mph
Ignition Multiprocessor ICU
Starter DC motor
Battery Li-Ion 3.2 Ah,   The engine does not recharge the battery, there is no accumulator which will give you approximately 150 starts or 4 hours of continuous riding without recharging. Recharging takes approximately 45 min. and can be done via a car cigarette lighter output or power socket.