Sea-Doo Waterscooter GTX Limited iS 255 (2) Sea-Doo Waterscooter GTX Limited iS 255 (2) Sea-Doo Waterscooter GTX Limited iS 255 (2) Sea-Doo Waterscooter GTX Limited iS 255 (2)

GTX Limited iS 255 (2)



Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS 255 (2)

vanaf € 9.950,00


Nette SeaDoo GTX Limited iS 255 uit 2009. Uitgevoerd met een Rotax 4-TEC Supercharged 255 Pk motor.

Met 44 uur op de teller.

The GTX Limited iS is powered by the 255 hp Rotax 4-TEC engine, something you truly have to experience to believe. Boasting a mammoth supercharger and external intercooler that ride atop the most horses available on a PWC, this powerful yet efficient engine cranks up the performance to unprecedented levels.

The Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system offers a whole new level of safety and control. Now, with the simple squeeze of a lever, you can stop your watercraft on demand. If the watercraft is moving forward, squeeze the brake to slow down. If the watercraft is stopped, squeeze the brake to go in reverse. And because the throttle and brake controls are both on the handlebar, you never have to come out of the natural riding position.

The Intelligent Suspension (iS) allows the hull to move independently of the upper deck, isolating the rider and passenger from the impact of rough water with 6’’ of suspension travel. So you can ride longer, with greater comfort and control, through all types of conditions. The suspension comes factory-set for luxury cruising on the GTX Limited iS and readily adapts to fit changing conditions, number of passengers or personal preference. Choose one of nine settings or set it to auto calibration. And do it all on the move, using the rocker switch on the handlebar.

The Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) brings a new level of precision to every riding situation. Your watercraft now starts up in neutral mode, allowing the engine to run without propelling the craft forward. It makes for easier dockside starts and stress-free maneuverability, even in tight areas. An activity-specific cruise control system lets you customize your speed settings. Set the speed and let the system adjust automatically, while you enjoy an easier ride and better fuel efficiency. And along with iBR, iTC make docking stress-free, with the intuitive combination of throttle, neutral and reverse. Well-placed controls let you keep both hands on the handlebars and both eyes on what you’re doing.

The Off-Throttle Assisted Steering System (O.T.A.S.) monitors the rider’s steering input as well as the operational speed and automatically increases engine speed to provide additional power when necessary. This advanced technology continuously monitors engine rpm to determine if the craft is being operated at a low or high speed. If running at idle speed, the system does not engage. If the speed is higher, the system will be functional.

The high performance VTS allows you to adjust the attitude of the watercraft based on rider weight, riding style and water conditions – giving you better control and customized riding characteristics including 2 preset options.


Sea-Doo Waterscooter GTX Limited iS 255 (2)


TypeGTX Limited iS 255 (2)
Prijs€ 9.950,00
Lengte over alles3,53 m.
Breedte over alles1,22 m.
Gewicht430 kg.
Tank70 l.